Moto G7 Power review

The Moto G7 Power’s biggest selling point is also its finest feature: - the battery. It’ll last for days of use, and charges up in no time. On top of that there’s barely any battery drain from playing games, watching videos or listening to music, so it's a good choice of

Sony Xperia 10 Plus review

Sony is pitching the Xperia 10 Plus as the optimal way to watch movies on your smartphone, but it only lives up to that claim if you exclusively watch movies made for theatrical release, and ignore TV shows or streaming originals. Since few people will buy a phone just for

Xbox One X review

The Xbox One X is the console of the future. Over a year on from its 2017 release date, it's still the most powerful gaming console on the planet, and stands to hold that title for the rest of the current console generation. But before you break out the charts, tell

LG K40 review

The LG G8, LG G8S and LG V50 may have taken all the headlines at MWC 2019, but the company has a variety of other phones on show including its new mid-range collection. The cheapest in those mid-rangers is the LG K40, which unsurprisingly is the follow-up to the LG K30

Best Huawei phones find your perfect Huawei

Huawei is the second biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world after Samsung, and it's got there by offering up some excellent devices along the way. It's grown in strength significantly over the past couple of years, to the point that if you're looking for the best Huawei phones around, there's a wide range

The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes in half a dozen colors

Samsung has unveiled its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, and it unsurprisingly sports some of the best specs and most novel features on the market. As folks line up to buy the year’s first big Android phone, they’ll have a choice to make: which color will they pick? There’s a

iPhone XR review

The iPhone XR is one of the best handsets Apple has ever made, and that’s mainly down to the excellent battery life. The rest of the phone doesn’t really add much to the iPhone family in terms of pure specification or novelty, but it does offer a more budget route into

Google IO 2019 livestream

The Google IO 2019 keynote starts at 10am ET (1pm PT, 6pm BST), and we'll be reporting live from Mountain View, California to bring you all the latest Google has to offer, and you'll be able to watch along with the Google IO livestream. Google IO, or as the company styles

Snapdragon 865 chip could come in 4G and 5G versions

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is powering some of the best phones on the market in 2019, but we're already hearing rumors about what the Snapdragon 865 might bring with it – particular in terms of 5G. According to a tweet from Roland Quandt at WinFuture and a report from GizChina, there

Samsung Galaxy M30 launched in India

Samsung is on a spree of launching phones in India. On Wednesday, the company added another phone to its Galaxy M-series in India. The M-series debuted earlier this year with two phones, the Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20. The M30 is the third phone in the series and boasts of some

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