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Samsung Galaxy Fold release date

The Samsung Galaxy Fold gave us our first real taste of a foldable phone when it launched on February 20, 2019, and the handset is now just weeks from being available to the general public.

Arriving alongside a trio of new Galaxy S10 handsets, the Fold arguably stole the show as Samsung showed off the dual-screen, flexible display-toting handset for the first time.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first foldable phone from the firm, but brace yourself. Samsung has made it clear that the Galaxy Fold is a premium device, and it certainly has the price tag to back up that claim.

Update: The reservation list for the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the US is full, so either the prospect of a foldable phone has really piqued the interest of the American public, or Samsung has limited the number available. We expect Samsung will be keeping numbers manageable for its supply chain.

It also has its work cut out, as the Huawei Mate X launched just a few days later, offering up a potentially more tantalizing foldable proposition for a similarly sky-high price.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold isn’t a device for everyone – you’ll really need to be committed to owning the next generation of smartphones and accept any shortcomings it may have – but it does mark the start of an exciting new smartphone form factor which could explode over the next couple of years.

Samsung’s not let anyone touch the Galaxy Fold just yet, but we’ve got all the details you need to know about the phone right here.

Cut to the chase

What is it? Samsung’s first folding smartphone

When is it out? April 26 (US), May 3 (Europe)

What will it cost? $1,980 (€2,000)

Samsung Galaxy Fold release date and price

The Samsung Galaxy Fold price is a staggering $1,980 (€2,000), making it comfortably more expensive than pretty much every other mainstream smartphone on the market.

Those are the only official prices we have right now; depending on whether you convert from USD or Euros you’re looking at a price in the region of £1,500-£1,700 in the UK, and AU$2,800-AU$3,200 in Australia.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold release date is April 26 in the US and May 3 in Europe.

In the US, Samsung already opened up pre-order reservations, a list which is now full, which means you’ll need to wait if you haven’t already signed up.

You can opt to be notified when the Galaxy Fold reservation list re-opens, but there’s been no indication from Samsung US when this may be.

Meanwhile, in the UK and Australia you can sign up to “pre-registration” which will just keep you updated with Galaxy Fold news, rather than placing a reservation for you.