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Philips OLED+ 903 (65OLED+903) review

When Philips announced its OLED 803 television back in February, it marked a notable turn away from the company's high-end LCD range to the promise of OLED’s superior displays. It was surprising, sure, but the 803 wouldn't be the only OLED from the European arm of Philips - we'd also be treated

Samsung Q90 QLED TV review

Samsung’s attempts to innovate and evolve LCD technology have been surprisingly successful. While its big Korean rival LG has invested billions developing OLED, Samsung has taken the view that LCD and ultimately MicroLED are necessary to deliver today’s ultra-bright HDR content. Mainstream MicroLED might still be a few years off but

How to connect your phone to the TV

Looking to connect your phone with the TV? Our homes are more crowded with gadgets than ever, and knowing how to easily share content between devices can save you a lot of hassle.3 Linking up your telly with your smartphone or tablet opens up a number of handy ways to stream and cast

Samsung NU7100 (UE49NU7100) review

As the manufacturer behind one-third of the TVs shipped worldwide, it’s statistically likely that you’re going to be buying a Samsung TV over any other brand – and the Samsung NU7100 (or NU7120 in the UK) is a good example of why.t The NU7100 offers 4K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range

Philips OLED 804 / 854 review

We were hard pressed to find a better TV than the Philips OLED+ 903 last year – but it came at a hefty premium. As 2019 kicks off, Philips is looking to bring some of the flagship specs of its best set to a lower level of the range with the new

Samsung NU8000 (UN55NU8000, UE55NU8000) review

Everyone loves a high-end TV, but if that's a bit too far out of reach financially, the Samsung NU8000 is a great mid-range screen that sports an affordable price tag. To that end, the Samsung NU8000 Series is bright, colorful and comes stocked with the latest version of Samsung’s TV OS.

What size TV should I buy

So, you're buying a new TV. You may know what resolution you want, what you're using it for, and how big a budget you can realistically spend – but when it comes to the size, what size TV do you actually need? The average television is getting bigger every year, and

How to cancel your Netflix subscription

There are lots of good reasons to have a Netflix account; these days it hosts some of the best TV shows and movies on the planet, including The Good Place, Bojack Horseman, The Crown, Black Mirror, and more. But what if you’re done with your Netflix account? With the recent price hike, you may