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Scuf Vantage review

Between the Impact and the Infinity 4PS PRO, premium peripheral factory Scuf Gaming has been no stranger to highly customized PS4 controllers. Building one from the ground up, however, is decidedly new territory. The end result is the Vantage ($199, about £156, AU$276), a high-end modular officially licensed gamepad with excellent

Xbox One X review

The Xbox One X is the console of the future. Over a year on from its 2017 release date, it's still the most powerful gaming console on the planet, and stands to hold that title for the rest of the current console generation. But before you break out the charts, tell

Days Gone review

The story picks up again 731 days later, and Deacon has yet to be reunited with his love. Did Sarah even survive that night, and if so, will Deacon ever see her again? The answers to these questions were only hinted at in our three and a half hours with

PlayStation Move review

The biggest takeaway from our time with Move is its incredible accuracy. Augmented reality instruments move perfectly with the controller, Frisbees fly with the gentle curve you give them and you can select things with superb precision.y As we said, the controller is comfortable, but not for really long sessions of

Nintendo Switch review

By all accounts the Nintendo Switch has had an amazing start to life, with a number of excellent exclusive games and solid sales. However, the complete package (including Nintendo Switch Online) has only just become available, so we'll have to reserve judgment on that part of the Nintendo Switch experience for the

DualShock 4 controller review

The DualShock 4 Controller was released alongside Sony's PlayStation 4 console back in 2013. Although there have been plenty of updates to the DualShock 4 since then - and plenty of potentially better designs from rival tech companies - even now, years after launch, this PS4 controller is still as appealing to the

PlayStation VR review

PlayStation VR is inspiring. As a whole it's incredible, even if there are some hang ups here and there. After trying it for yourself you'll want to experience something like BioShock Infinite or GTA V in VR, and the first few demos and games will give you a little sneak

PlayStation Classic review

Sony could’ve followed in Nintendo’s footsteps by releasing a populist's retro console, one that had the undisputed best games of the era like Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy 8 and 9 or Tomb Raider. But that's not the PlayStation Classic. It doesn’t include the majority of the console’s greatest hits and instead opts

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice review

There’s a formula we’ve come to expect from FromSoftware titles, we’ve seen it time and time again with each addition to the legendary Souls series and the gothic masterpiece that was Bloodborne. It’s a formula which the studio has seen little need to alter, flawlessly gliding from the inky, medieval kingdom

PlayStation Now review

As it stands, what Sony has created with PlayStation Now is pretty amazing. It's entered an arena in which so many have failed (remember OnLive?) and has emerged with a viable platform for the future of Sony's gaming division. That said, there are still some serious kinks to work out. Unless