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Samsung Galaxy Fold release date

The Samsung Galaxy Fold gave us our first real taste of a foldable phone when it launched on February 20, 2019, and the handset is now just weeks from being available to the general public. Arriving alongside a trio of new Galaxy S10 handsets, the Fold arguably stole the show as

Harman Kardon Citation One review

Between the Sony SRS-XB501G, JBL Link 300 and RIVA Concert, there’s no shortage of Google Assistant-powered speakers on the market today. So what can veteran audio maker Harman Kardon do that the others can't? While each of these speakers bring something new to the table, only the Harman Kardon Citation

Can AI actually write poetry

Will machine learning ever be able to recreate the creative impulse? Trying to speculate how advanced AI will become can be quite the rabbit hole, but in the meantime there's a poetry-writing AI having a good go. The project, entitled 'Poem Portraits', lets you 'donate' a word of your choice to an

Qualcomm gets $4.5bn from Apple as revenues rise

Qualcomm’s Q2 results have revealed that Apple is set to make a one-off payment of between $4.5 and $4.7 billion to compensate for unpaid royalties during the two firm’s patent litigation. Revenues, which do not include any royalties from Apple, rose by 5 per cent to $5 billion, beating expectations. “We delivered

768k Day may cause major internet outages

Major internet disruptions could be right around the corner as we approach 768k Day when the size of the global BGP routing table is expected to exceed 768,000 entries. Similar disruptions were experienced back in 2014, on what we now know as “512k Day”, when the Ipv4 internet routing table exceeded

SAP software flaw puts thousands of companies at risk

Security researchers have discovered new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in SAP software which could leave up to 50,000 companies, that haven't properly protected their systems, at greater risk of being hacked. The German software giant SAP previously released guidance on how to correctly configure the security settings of its software back

Three quarters of smartphones will have AI chip by 2022

The number of smartphones equipped with dedicated AI processors will jump from 190 million to 1.25 billion in 2022 – meaning three quarters of all devices shipped that year will likely have on-board intelligence. Most smartphones currently sold have at least one AI-enabled feature, such as intelligent imaging, facial recognition or